Creatives & Performers

Brainspotting can help deepen all sorts of ‘Performance’ coaching, and blocks to Creating, by bringing attention to the barriers between where you are now and the move you want to make. Whether the barrier is anxiety, worry, stuckness, a sense of hopelessness, a mixture or something else our take is to notice and keep company with the difficulty and sense into it’s edges. When we are in a state of flow we have confidence, graceful self-expression and develop mastery, we can pause and be with the mystery of what it is that is in the way and let ourselves be guided by what comes and this is how we navigate the space between the overwhelm, ‘blank’, a sense of ‘not me’ towards a sense of ‘coming home to oneself’ and here we can be connected to our sense of fun, play and quiet satisfaction in our work.

“Yips” style performance blocks are stuck places in our nervous system, which we cannot ‘talk’, ‘think’ or ‘train’ our way out of, we simply add layers of shame, anxiety and fear over the current difficulty, Brainspotting allows us to work directly with our nervous system to get to the route of the difficulty.

Brainspotting can help with clear decision making for complex problems, a project or a team has so many unknowable factors, and our culture encourages us to get more and more information but what do we do with it, maybe we are taught to make ‘Pro’ and ‘Con’ lists, Brainspotting allows us to bring our wider sense of bodily knowing to meet with facts and get a holistic sense of the problem, pause before taking up a solution, maybe a solution we have never thought of will emerge, it is certainly a process where you are likely to find more possibilities or a greater sense of the context in which you are making a decision.

Sometimes what is difficult in our work is navigating relationships between parts of an organisation or individuals, taking a step back to gain an overview and feel into the different positions and a sense of the background can be helpful here, especially if your usual ways of solving these problems hasn’t helped or the problem seems to be particularly entrenched and keep reoccurring.

Brainspotting can help us feel grounded, calm when we are in the midst of larger events we have little influence over and ask what ways we might find to express ourselves, gifts and longings even when we feel small. On the other hand Brainspotting is helpful for people who are taking on huge projects, from corporate jobs to activism who are struggling to stay resilient and sustain what they do for the long haul. Being able to see ourselves as part of a whole, neither too big or too small and take a step in a direction which feels more ‘right sized’ can be an important start in changing dynamics which are no longer working for you.