Pain & Trauma

Brainspotting helps people to get to the underlying problems they are facing by working in a Person-Centred, Relational, Respectful, Culturally Mindful and Trauma Informed way. We work with the Nervous System and at the leading edge of Neuroscience, endorsed by people such as Gabor Maté and Bessel Van Der Kolk while being totally open to Asian Mind/Body traditions and Indigenous Wisdom and knowledge and experience which is Sacred and Beyond.

Brainspotting is useful for treating pain and limiting health conditions as we are working with your body and your system.

Relationship difficulties.

Decision Making

Anxiety, depression and PTSD

Substance and behavioural addictions and intrusive thoughts

Ecological, Pandemic and Existential experiences of threat

We are working for a wider sense of identity, greater self connection and ease, a regulated nervous system, being in creative flow states, having a greater connection to self, loved ones, community, land and a sense of the whole.

The work holds a high sense of regard for peer-reviewed science and an openness to Spirit, Land, Place and Mystery.

This work seeks to be culturally mindful of differently able people, neurodiverse people, people with complex gender and cultural identities.